visual / performance artist

Brandon Perdomo is an interdisciplinary artist from New York, fascinated with self-reflection and alterity, which are the engines of his performances and images. Interested in contemporary politics and minorities, as well as in the intricate manners in which the body is perceived in the public sphere,  he channels his aspirations towards social activism, which seem to have reemerged into his more recent creative work – since behind his impressively coherent and visually stunning work lies a healthy dose of thought and research, as well as the ambition to tackle some serious philosophical questions about human existence and, as he says, ''I share my world with others, and I need worlds to be shared with me.'' - Alina Noir

Perdomo has been presented by Socrates Sculpture Park, The Sculpture Center, The Alice Austen House, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Coney Island USA, DfbrL8r, The Cloud Club, Staten Island MakerSpace, and MoMA PS1.