updated 24 Apr

Rehearsal notes

1 – bodies, magnetizing toward one another, singles to duos to wuartet, core-based, lose the pedestrian body, limbs act in reaction, no “dead hands” – **do not drag this out – **at all times** no smokey eyes, distant eyes yes, but they are either open or they are closed

2 – finding the four-figured-creature, this is your shared humanity, follow the leader (whoever has eyes ahead of the beast) – FLOCKING. Play with texture, height, speed, rhythm, direction, tapping, scratching, vocalizing, shivering….?...... Careful with gestural speed (awareness of your neighbor, take care)

3 – finding the vessel – two in center – the two on outside fall, creating a circular shape with bodies. Two standing WITH LEFT HAND apply pressure and rise bowl, mirroring, right hand takes wet clay and applies to companion’s face – WHO IS TO LOWER FIRST? body drags the hand down with it, person falling takes the bowl, about a third way down, brings the person standing/support down also. SWITCH to outside, how? RISE the new people in the center. New center people repeat actions with bowl.


**COSTUMING - flat, black, no design, no holes, top and bottom

**Questions of comp tickets, I do not know,

ask //



Grace & St. Paul's Church

123 W 71st St, New York, New York 10023


FRIDAY - April 27th 7-9pm UNFIX NYC Workshop led by Yokko

**The workshop is open to all performers for free, please email to confirm your participation with me so I can give your names.


SATURDAY - April 28th

TECH: 1.30p – 2.30p

I will arrive by 1p,

We will address spacing, use of clay, use of projection

we will address transition between acts, hive-mind

break, 3p meet with Anais Maviel (musician) at church entrance

group exercise (light, brief) in the park

break, 3.45

festival begin, 5p


5-11pm UNFIX NYC
($16 Advance, $20 At the door)

ACT I (5-7pm)
5-5:20pm Documentary Short Films by Thomas Rowell (Brother Mountain International Film)

"Trascender el umbral" (Trascend the threshold)
by Denise Vazquez (Te para tr3s Collective)

"The Seeing Hand"
by Irena Romendik & Yuri Ogasawawa

6-6:20pm -Break-

6:20-6:40pm PIANO SOLO
Piano Sonata No.3 composed by Alexander Scriabin
"Status of the soul"
Performed by Sean Carmichael
(Improvisational Dance by Yokko)

"Breath of Trees, Fearg na Farraigi"
Performers: Bahar Beihaghi, Jasmine Jiles, Kendra Mittermeyer, Estelle Olivia, Kat Witschen
Music & Assistant Director: Matt Corry
Director/Choreographer: Titania Galliher

7-7:15pm - Break-

PANEL DISCUSSION Moderated by Keelie Sheridan (Producing Artistic Director, The Ume Group) Panel: Dr. Leslie Aarons (Associate Professor of Philosophy at CUNY, writing a book on Environmental Public Philosophy), Pastor Martin Hauser (Grace & St. Paul's Church), Ximena Garnica (Co-Director of CAVE and NYU Faculty), and Brandon Perdomo (performer & photographer, UN/World Peace Prayer Society).

8:30-9pm - Break-

ACT II Part 1 (9-9:35pm)
"Mi casa es su casa" by Once Upon A P..."
Performers: Juanita Castro, Matt Corry, Kat Witschen
Director: Rui Dun

"Elegy" by LAS / Fiamma Piacentini
Performers: Laura Aristovolous, Nora Kennedy, Fiamma Piacentini, Logan Ricket, Harmony Stempel

"YES, I AM IN HERE" by MVMT Projects
Performers: Arantxa Araujo, Rina Espiritu, Mar Galeano, Miss Sugar Mamasota
Music: Anais Maviel
Visual collaboration - Marija Misevičiūtė
Choreographer: Brandon Perdomo

9:35-9:45pm - Break-

ACT II Part 2 (9:45-10:30pm)
"Navel: Humanizing Mechanisms and Innocent By-Standers"
Choreography, Set and Sound by Nu Canal

"EN"-Universal Connections- : working Progress
by Ren Gyo Soh
Performers: Miles Butler, Jennifer Marinelli, Jorge Luna and Efrén Sánchez
Costume Design: Deepsikha Chatterjee
Choreographed, Sound Designed & Directed by Yoshiko Usami (AKA Yokko)

10:30-11pm: Closing Party!