Invitation to collaborate

Living-Sculpture Garden
/popup /sitespecific

Socrates Sculpture Park,
32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11106

Mon 24 July, 12p-2p
Wed 26 July, 7p-9p

Dear you,

Based on your public work or displays, particular performance, and **inspired costume or outfit fabrications, you are invited to collaborate with me in a site-specific durational performative installation.

We are to situate ourselves within the wooded area in the park. We will be acting as living statues, breathing and acting with attention to the static, or subtle body. Focus in this project is on the internal rhythm, the movement on-the-inside of the skeletal structure. Attention to these elements will help you maintain a steady and controlled body-form.

*You will be required to provide your own outrageous & sculptural outfit/costume.

*Completion of the form below will act as a promise of commitment to the project of the times and days stated above. *Please RSVP with conviction. *Priority will be given to artists who can commit to both days, however there is space to negotiate.

A follow-up note will be sent via e-mail with concepts to consider while building this piece.

I am thrilled by this opportunity to create a living and breathing landscape with you in this gorgeous public outdoor venue.

See you when the wind picks up,

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