Brandon Perdomo is an interdisciplinary artist from New York, fascinated with self-reflection and alterity, which are the engines of his performances and images. Interested in contemporary politics and minorities, as well as in the intricate manners in which the body is perceived in the public sphere,  he channels his aspirations towards social activism, which seem to have reemerged into his more recent creative work – since behind his impressively coherent and visually stunning work lies a healthy dose of thought and research, as well as the ambition to tackle some serious philosophical questions about human existence and, as he says, ''I share my world with others, and I need worlds to be shared with me.''


For Brandon Perdomo, the content of the picture is not just the person or the object that it depicts, but rather the thoughts or concepts the image evokes. His images capturing movement go beyond the apparent, without however being symbolic or representational: for him, a photograph is just a moment in a longer and multilayered creative process, since he sees himself more of a creator of scenes or sculptural compositions than just a photographer; his work as a butoh dancer and a performer in public spaces permeates everything in his images, from the vulnerability of the often-blurry characters, to the urgency of the tense bodies’ movements. Through his treatment of the body as more of a sculptural or choreographic device (paired with the extensive use of dance movements and performative self-oblivion), Brandon Perdomo creates poignant visual gestures which do not stand for something, but rather bring actual relationships into existence – relationships between the individuals who pose for her, the body and its environment, the viewer and Brandon Perdomo himself.

In one of his more recent projects, MVMT, Brandon Perdomo draws from the long tradition of the mythological themes in Western art; this translates into a comment upon the behavior of a person in society, as well as the way society in turn stands in the world at large. For this reason, he guided his models into vigorous dance movements, presenting the body as objectified and anonymous, and yet vigorous and elegant. In the various tableaux vivants, the bodies in the MVMT series are treated as abstract forms, with their features in elongated effort so that they are not discernable, thus adding tension to the already passionate imagery. To further enhance the atmosphere that he depicts, Brandon Perdomo has carefully chosen his models, most of which are fellow artists; and took them to anonymous places where kinetic magic can happen.

Alina Noir