'17_7 "SHENEVERMADEITTOBERLIN" - MVMTMVMT - Socrates Sculpture Park - Queens, NY
(photos Rina Espiritu, Chris Carlone)

'16_10 "The Longest Night" - Collaboration with Night Parade - Holly Chernobyl - Dfbrl8r - Chicago, IL
(photos Bill Skaleski)

‘16_9 “Rice Dance” - Vigil4Peace & Ecology 15th Anniversary - Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park - New York, NY
w/ Allysa Oliver, Lenna Pierce, Caitlin Cawley

'16_8 Solo Performance (precursor to heart-strung)
Allentown, Buffalo, NY

'16_4 "The Eccentrics" - direction of Kira Nova
Sculpture Center - Long Island City, NY


'18_12 "heart-strung" w/ Brittany Anjou - Kathy Moore Presents: Synthesis New and Experimental Music - Substation - Seattle, WA
(photos Gregory Dear)

‘18_9 Sylva Dean and Me - Collaboration with Ventiko - Superfine! Art Fair - Washington, D.C.

'17_4 "Rice Dance" - St. George Day - Staten Island, NY
(photos Day de Dada)

'17_4 "heart-strung with rice dance" - collaboration with Peace Lights - UNFIX NYC - New York, NY
(photos Ren Gyo Soh)

'16_11 "heart-strung with rice dance" w/ Denise Vazquez - Performance Anxiety - Curated by Ventiko -
Chinatown Soup - New York, NY
(photos Florence Nasar, Alexandra Fanning, Ventiko)